Who We Are

Our Mission

To increase the engagement, alignment and accountability of partners, by creating a multi-stakeholder platform that will support the successful implementation of the Global Strategy.

Our Vision

A world in which every woman, child and adolescent in every setting realises their rights to physical and mental health and well being of mothers and their babies.


it is critical that RAM members contribute to the development of the profession. Your dues contribute to support and the development of midwifery.

To promote and strengthen the midwifery profession
To promote the aims of the Confederation internationally
To work to improve women’s health globally

The Value

The Association’s role complements the work and accountability processes of its individual members, enabling them to deliver more collectively than they would alone. This Partner-centric approach mobilizes, engages and empowers different implementing partners. It allows them to coordinate their actions and activities, and encourages and promotes mutual accountability.


RAM is working for you to create a secure foothold for CPMs in Rwanda healthcare system, to support the growth of the profession and remove barriers to practice – for the sake of women, infants and families, including the most vulnerable.